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Car donation in Agoura Hills, California

Are you starting a family, so you’re shopping for a bigger car?

Or maybe it’s the opposite—your kids are grown and you don’t need the super-sized SUV anymore.

Either way, if you’ve got a vehicle you no longer need, you can make a car donation in Agoura Hills through Riteway Car Donations and gain a good feeling from helping the charity of your choice. Not only that, you also get a nice tax deduction!Give

If you’ve just moved your parents into Meadowbrook and found they don’t need a car anymore, it’s also a great opportunity. They can make a contribution to their favorite cause without getting out their checkbook! 

Why should I donate a car to charity in Agoura Hills?

You are so generous, and you love the feeling you get when you help others. It’s especially rewarding to find you can do double duty—find a new owner for your car, plus car donations to benefit a non-profit that’s struggling to survive.

A vehicle donation to veterans or a car donation to animals in Agoura Hills through Riteway Car Donations is the fastest, easiest way to do that!

Are you in Charity League? Or a member of a fraternal organization? To make a car, truck or SUV donation in Agoura Hills, you can choose any 501(c)(3) to receive proceeds from your auto donation. 

Is Beth Emunah your family’s temple? Any non-profit religious group, such as Catholic Charities, can benefit from your decision. Why not donate a car to a church or give your car to a temple in your city?tax money growth plants

Has your CPA been gently reminding you that your portfolio could use more write-offs? Perfect!

Donating a car to charity in Agoura Hills is one way to improve your bottom line. Check out the opinions of CPAs who offer good reasons to make vehicle donations. 

There’s another reason your CPA will love you: When you make a charity car donation to cancer in Agoura Hills through Riteway Car Donations, you maximize the value of your vehicle. Here’s why. Our experts assess your car to see if there are any necessary improvements we can make before selling it (which tends to get a higher sale price, which equals a larger tax break).

The USC Marshall School of Business completed a study about dealer trade-ins. The research showed that dealers simply increase the price of the new car you're buying when you have a trade-in. Plus, as you probably already know, they only give you about 30-40% of your car’s actual value. 

But with a car or truck donation in Agoura Hills you get to write off 100% of the sale price!

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate a boat in Agoura Hills? A motorcycle or RV?

Maybe you aren’t replacing your car, but you have other vehicles that need new homes. If you like to make a splash, you may own a boat or two. When you decide to clean out your garage or give up the expensive slip, a boat donation in Agoura Hills can put cash in the hands of a favorite charity and take care of a tax write-off.

If you’re still going out on the water, but slowing down, you can donate jet skis! Have you logged summer after summer in your RV but don’t hit the road anymore? Whether it’s a vintage Airstream or a fifth wheel, you can donate an RV in Agoura Hills and put some money in the pocket of a charity.golf cart 1669772 640

Do you take your golf cart to the mailbox or drive it around your over-55 community? When you’re upgrading or decide you don’t need yours, give us a call at Riteway Car Donations. We can pick up your golf cart donation in Agoura Hills whether it runs or not. 

Are you in the Tri Valley Touring Riders? Or did you leave the bike club you used to belong to? If it’s just taking up space, donate a motorcycle in Agoura Hills. 

We take them all at Riteway Car Donations. It’s a hassle-free way to get a tax deduction.

How do I donate my car in Agoura Hills?

It begins with your phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or when you contact us online. It’s that easy!

Our towing experts come to pick up your car wherever your vehicle is, at a time that’s convenient for you. From there, we eclipse the service of other car charity programs. Our experts assess your car to determine if it requires any repairs or upgrades. If so, our technicians go to work, because our research shows that donation cars usually sell for 25-50% more than if we didn’t make the changes. The higher sale price of your car, the bigger your write-off and the more money that goes to your favorite cause!Animal Friends Rescue dog sitting with cat

Pat yourself on the back—your CPA certainly will. And there’s one more advantage: Donating a car in Agoura Hills enables a lucky car shopper to buy a used car that fits the budget. We’ve made thousands of car buyers happy. Your car gets a second chance!

We walk you through the entire process, and it’s amazing how easy it is. You simply make the call and log in your tax deduction. When you donate a car in Agoura Hills through Riteway Car Donations it magnifies the excitement of owning a new car. The value of the vehicle you no longer need can really do some good.

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