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Car Donation in Chico, California

Do you need a pickup with a tow package? Or is the Mazda too small for the kids, the dog, the soccer buddies and the fishing gear? Maybe you’ve driven that Honda into the ground, but one way or another, you just have to replace your car sometimes. Chico 4

If you have vehicles on your property you really don’t need, there’s a great opportunity here. You can benefit your favorite cause – literally put money in their pocket – with a car donation in Chico through Riteway Charity Services.

Why donate your car in Chico instead of selling it?

Like we said, if you have a charity you care about – any 501(c)(3) – you don’t even have to pull out your checkbook to energize them with some cash. When you donate a car to charity in Chico, it gives them a boost, while you benefit your bottom line!

Have you spent a lot of the last year in a rental after dropping yours off at Chico Car Care? You’re probably tired of that! 

Do you drive kids around – to sports and lessons, dance class and the tutoring club? You definitely don’t want it to break down en route!

Sometimes it’s actually a benefit to your bank account to shop for another car. The site Edmonds.com has an article about knowing when it’s a good financial move to get rid of your car and buy something newer. Basically, it’s when your repairs are costing as much as a car payment!

What isn’t a good fiscal move, however, is a dealer trade-in or CarMax. You only get 30-40% of the value of your car that way. But a car charity donation in Chico through Riteway Charity Services enables you to write off 100% of your vehicle’s value.

So, if it’s the perfect time for car shopping, it’s also a perfect time for benefiting a cause you care about.
Are you an advocate for change?

How can I get a car donation tax deduction in Chico?

Chico 3It’s unlikely that you have too many tax write-offs. Most of us look for every opportunity out there, and here’s one at your fingertips! Just donate a car to charity. And speaking of fingertips, if you do your own taxes on Turbo Tax, they walk you right through the filing process.

If you’ve felt a conviction to go green and invest in a hybrid or an electric car, this is your chance. You’ll also save money on gas, especially if you’re getting rid of the “mom van” or a huge Suburban.

When donating a car in Chico through Riteway Charity Services, you gain an advantage. We inspect your car to determine whether or not it would benefit from some improvements, which tends to maximize the donation, and your write-off, of course! We’ve researched it and found that after our changes, donation cars tend to sell for 25-50% more than those without them.

Who would you like to benefit from your donation car? Do you love animals? You can make a car or truck donation in Chico to North Valley Animal Disaster Group or the Butte Humane Society.
Chico 1
If you’d rather benefit kids, you may choose Valley Oak Children’s Services. Or a local green charity you can choose is the Butte Environmental Council


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What happens when I donate my car in Chico?

Chico 6Let’s say you have a son or daughter at Cal State Chico and they’re buying something new, leaving you to figure out what to do with their old Camry or Jetta. Do you really want to clean it (which could be hazardous), take pictures, post it, and then wait for car shoppers to contact you? Didn’t think so.

Let us do the honors!

Simply donate right here online or make a quick call to us at 888-250-4490. A Riteway Charity Services towing expert comes to pick up your vehicle – at a time and place that’s convenient for you. We take it from there! 

As you already know, we handle all the work. But, you may not know we also take care of all the paperwork—even the DMV (often the most tedious) part. The IRS gets the proper records, and we send both you and the charity you choose IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

Through Riteway Charity Services you have the power to support healing, health, children, animals – you name it. It’s a way to put a smile on the faces of those benefiting from proceeds, as well as your CPA and yourself!

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation in Chico?

If you’ve got a big Pace Arrow – or even a tent trailer or some other recreational vehicle – it’s taking up space unless you use it. If family camping trips are a thing of the past, let us know. You can make an RV donation in Chico to use its value for the good of others, while reaping the tax benefit.

If hitting the highway with the Chico Riders sounds like a great weekend, it’s a great thing. And if you’ve been looking for a closeout model at Mike Friend RVS, that means you’ve got another bike in mind. Let your old bike make a difference when you donate a motorcycle in Chico through Riteway Charity Services!

If you’ve shopped at Classic Golf Car you’ve seen how many models there are: Quietech, Adventurer, Carryall, etc. If your Club Car doesn’t meet your needs, consider a golf cart donation in Chico. chico 7

Is your boat in a slip at Bidwell Canyon Marina? Are you starting to feel you’re losing money because you don’t use it enough? Why don’t you donate a boat in Chico to let it go to a water sportsperson who will get it on the lake more often?

Finding a new home for the vehicle you no longer need is kind of a burden. Wouldn’t you rather be at “The Bear” or on the links? Leave the driving to us – literally – and your car donation in Chico through Riteway Charity Services becomes help to someone else and a benefit to your taxes. It’s so easy!

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