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Car donation in Encinitas, California

When was the last time you replaced your car? Are you getting to know your repair technician all too well? Surely, you’d rather be hitting the waves!

Or perhaps your family is growing and you’re looking for something a lot larger, like an MDX or an Enclave. It could be the reverse too – if your kids are grown it may be time to downsize to a Kia Soul or a Jetta.driving on beach old car

What will you do with the car you no longer need? A car donation in Encinitas will take the value of your vehicle and apply it to your taxes, plus enable you to direct proceeds to the charity of your choice!

Why should I donate my car in Encinitas?

Do you cover a big territory for your job? Your “mobile office” has got to be effective! You may need a car with Android Auto so your phone can hook up for voice commands, or if you’re spending increasingly more time in your car, you have to have better lumbar support.

If you’re a young parent with kids in the car, you want the best safety features. Don’t get stranded on the 5 freeway on the way to the babysitter or piano lessons!beach flipflops and white hat

Whatever the reason, if it’s time to kick your car to the curb, you can make a decision that benefits others – and yourself – in the long run, as well. A vehicle donation in Encinitas is an opportunity to support a cause you care about.

Do you really want to go through the hassle of selling it yourself? Imagine the time to clean it up, take photographs, post the sale and wait for flaky AutoTrader or Craigslist buyers!

Donating a car in Encinitas through Riteway Charity Services is so much easier – we work quickly and with great efficiency. For decades we’ve been providing our car donation clients the best service imaginable.

Are you committed to reducing your carbon footprint? If you take the opportunity to give up the gas guzzler for an electric car or a hybrid, you could, at the same time, support the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation by donating a vehicle in Encinitas. There’s a charging station next to Lazy Acres on Encinitas Blvd. and you can get a full charge in about a half hour.

And don’t forget – you can get a tax break!

How do I donate my car to charity in Encinitas?

Believe it or not, it takes you longer to get through to get your grades from UCSD or catch the right wave than it does to make a car or truck donation in Encinitas. Seriously, you simply go on our website or give us a call and you’re done! Contact us either way – 888-250-4490 or RitewayCharityServices.com – and we come to you, wherever your car is at the time, and pick it up free of charge.

Our technicians do an in-depth inspection and assess your car for necessary alterations, all for the purpose of maximizing your car donation tax deduction in encinitas.puzzle your mission your cause

You never have to find someone looking for a car like yours, search online platforms, or deal with the purchase in any way! Car donations in Encinitas through Riteway Charity Services include everything from pick up to handing your charity a check: the repairs, the listing, the selling, and the donation.

What are donors saying?

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Can I donate a boat in Encinitas? An RV or a motorcycle?

Yes to all! RV donation in Encinitas is great – both for you and the charity you benefit. Do you have a motorhome on the beach? Whether you’ve got a camper, trailer or you live the life full-time in a mobile home park, when you need to get rid of the one you have, you can donate a recreational vehicle in Encinitas through us at Riteway Charity Services.

Do you live at Seacrest Village and spend a lot of time in your Club Car? When its batteries go out, or when you want to move up to an Ashton or a big EZ-Go, we can handle your golf cart donation in Encinitas. motorcyle

Are you a water skier? Or do you love to take the grandkids fishing at Dixon Lake? If you’ve gotten to know the Lancon family from frequent visits to Wide Open Throttle for repairs, it may be time to make a boat donation in Encinitas. We also pick up jet skis and Sea Doos!

Are you a Biggs customer? If it’s time for a new hog, make a motorcycle donation in Encinitas through Riteway Charity Services.

How can I get the BEST car donation tax deduction in Encinitas?

You have more at stake than simply generating the good feeling that comes when you donate a car to charity in Encinitas. You’re also getting a vehicle donation program that’s transparent and beneficial to your bottom line.

After selling your car, we report the sale price of the vehicle to you and the charity you want to support. Following the guidelines set up by the IRS, you both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

What’s also ideal about Riteway Charity Services is that we typically get a 25-50% higher sale price for auto donations because we assess them for necessary improvements. That’s a benefit to you and your favorite cause!

Be aware that when you do a dealer trade-in or sell your car through CarMax, you lose 60%-70% of its value? But when you donate a vehicle in Encinitas, 100% of the sale value can be deducted on your taxes.

Whoever the lucky non-profit is, your donation car can help the organization expand its programs and continue its work.

Do you attend a church or temple? Or are you a non-profit club member, maybe active in the Assistance League? If you don’t have a favorite and you’d like suggestions, just visit our website and click on the “Causes” tab.

Do you work at Camp Pendleton or have a loved one overseas? We have a number of veteran non-profit groups your car, truck or SUV donation in Encinitas can support, or let us know one of your own!Medical Doctor looking at brain screen

If you’re an employee at Scripps in Encinitas, you may want proceeds to support the Scripps Foundation.

You love life at the beach, but you also know that needs are out there. You can play a part in meeting those needs when you donate a car in Encinitas. Whether your needs include upsizing, downsizing or finding a car that fits your lifestyle better, we’re ready here at Riteway Charity Services to help you with the process.

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