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Car donation in Indio, California

Maybe you moved to Indio to start a business, or you’re raising your family and like the peaceful atmosphere in the desert.

Do you commute to Palm Springs for work? Or worse—L.A.?! If you’ve got over 100,000 miles on your car, the risk is increasing that you’ll end up in an endless routine of visits to the auto shop. The last thing you want to do is break down on the I-10!mechanic

If you think it’s time for a car replacement, think about a car donation in Indio through Riteway Charity Services. It enables you to give a generous donation to the charity you choose, plus you get a nice tax break.

Why should I donate my car in Indio instead of selling it?

If you telecommute, you need all the bells and whistles. You want a top-of-the-line Bluetooth system and it’d be cool to try out a car with autonomous technology. Or maybe you just want custom leather seats and Apple CarPlay this time.

A vehicle donation in Indio is a way to get the full value from your automobile. You may have done a dealer trade-in when you’ve had a donation vehicle in the past.

But a study done by residents at USC’s Marshall School of Business says that for customers with trade-ins, dealers actually increase the sale price of their cars. Did you know that dealers only put 30-40% of your car’s value toward the car you buy?

By contrast, 100% of your vehicle’s value can be applied to your taxes with an Indio car donation through Riteway Charity Services! So, it serves not only your purposes – benefiting your bottom line – but goes to the good work of your favorite non-profit.mission vision values arrow signs

Do you work at John F. Kennedy Hospital? How would you like your car charity donation in Indio to benefit the Ophelia Project through the JFK Memorial Foundation?

How can I donate a vehicle in Indio?

It’s very straightforward and really easy. Just call us at 888-250-4490 or contact us online and our skilled technician will come to pick up your car at a time and place that’s convenient for you. It’s one of our clients’ favorite features: We flex around your schedule!

When you make a car or truck donation in Indio through Riteway Charity Services, you hand over the keys and leave the driving to us! From the point we pick up your donation car, we prep it, sell it, and even process the paperwork. No boring trips to the DMV for you!

You can sit back and decide who you’d like to donate the proceeds to – choose any 501(c)(3).

Do you love concerts and never miss the Coachella Music Festival? Car donations in Indio can foster the talents of youth through the Coachella Valley Symphony, or the Manilow Music Project.

You can benefit your kids through the parent program at any of the Desert Sands District schools, or contribute to children’s physical and internet safety education by donating a car in Indio to Christopher’s Clubhouse.

Never miss the Patriot Ride? We can make sure your auto donation benefits a veterans’ organization if you’d like. We work with a number of them; plus, we love forming new partnerships – just let us know!

If you aren’t sure which cause to benefit, we can help you decide. We have partnerships with many, many car charity programs in Indio and other parts of Southern California.

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Indio?

Since you already know that dealers and CarMax, as well as others like them, pocket 60-70% of your car’s value, you can be sure that’s not your best bet as far as your finances go. If you routinely sit down to do Turbo Tax and wonder why you didn’t have more write-offs last year, you can get ahead right now with a car, truck or SUV donation in Indio.

If you use a CPA, they’ve gotta love this!

The figures on your tax paperwork are more important than ever these days, and luckily, here at Riteway Charity Services you’ve got professionals who know what we’re doing. We’ve been handling Indio car donations for decades. And our process is totally transparent, as you and the charity receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. medical women in wheelchair

Whether you work at Fantasy Springs Casino or Desert Regional Medical Center, you need write-offs and you want experts who can get top dollar for your donation vehicle. Our vehicle donation program in Indio is unique, because at Riteway Charity Services we maximize the value of your car by assessing it for necessary alterations before selling it. We’ve found that the changes typically garner 25-50% more money for the car, which means more money for the non-profit and a greater tax benefit to you!

If you still aren’t sure if donating a vehicle to charity is a good idea, visit this CPA firm’s site to see the opinions of industry professionals. 

Can you donate a motorcycle in Indio? What about an RV or a boat?

Do you live at Lake La Quinta? If you do, it’s a blast, of course. Is your boat starting to show signs of age? Because you can donate a boat in Indio through us at Riteway Charity Services and cash in on its value with the tax benefit. We also process jet skis and Sea Doos – and many other vehicles.

If you love the Palms to Pines Ride or Day in the Dirt, chances are you’re a bike enthusiast. When you want to upgrade your Harley, or straddle a newer Yamaha, let us know, and you can make a motorcycle donation in Indio.

Or is camping at Joshua Tree more your thing? If your motorhome or fifth wheel has taken you places for a lot of years, we can help you move it along with an RV donation in Indio.

golf cart 756048 640

Are you a member of the Trilogy community? You probably have your own golf cart. If your batteries are dead – and you don’t want to spend the cash replacing them – you can donate a golf cart in Indio!

You can become a hero to others when you donate a car in Indio through Riteway Charity Services. Your generous nature comes out, plus you have an extremely easy way to move your vehicle to another party who needs wheels. Our friendly associates are ready to help you at any time!

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