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Car Donation in Lancaster, California

If you feel like you spend half your week on the 14 freeway, your odometer is probably getting up there. When was thelancaster car repair last time you checked to see what Valley Auto Center had on their lot? 

Is your car constantly in the shop? If so, it may be time to do something about it!

If you want another incentive, we have one: You can donate a car in Lancaster and take advantage of an easy way to dispose of the vehicle you no longer need, while benefiting a cause you care about. And don’t forget the tax deduction you get!

Why should I donate my car in Lancaster?

If you’re at that point and you’ve decided you really need to upgrade your vehicle, there’s that problem to solve – what to do with your old car. Were you planning to sell it yourself? It’s A LOT of work!

That’s where we come in at Riteway Charity Services. You don’t have to deal with listing your car and waiting around for potential buyers. We take on the prep work, the liability, etc. All you do is accept your tax deduction!

If it’s a dealer trade-in you were planning, there are some pretty good reasons to change your plans. They keep about 60-70% of your vehicle’s value, because they have to make a profit, of course. Donating a car in Lancaster enables you to write off 100% of its value.

Just one short phone call to us at Riteway Charity Services at 888-250-4490 – or donate online – and we take over the process. We come to you and tow away the car you don’t need, while you go shopping, or get back to work. We sell it for you and your favorite charity gets a nice check, while you get the tax deduction.

You get the benefit of the full sale price as a tax write-off – plus, you get to do the greatest good for the non-profit of your choice.

Can I make an RV donation in Lancaster? A motorcycle or boat?

Yes – a recreational vehicle donation in Lancaster works the same as a car or other vehicle. If you’re kind of a collector and just keep forcing more toys into your unit at Extra Space Storage, it may be time to thin out the herd.

Life in the desert means great opportunities for motorcycling. Did you learn to ride at Antelope Valley Harley-Davidson? If you’ve grown out of your first bike and feel like you want something newer, make a motorcycle donation in Lancaster. We also pick up quads/ATVs.

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to be a customer of AV Golf Carts. If you own one that isn’t working, it could be lancaster boat water skiyour batteries, which are really expensive to replace! Consider a golf cart donation in Lancaster through Riteway Car Donations. 

Has it been forever since you and the family headed out to Lake Elsinore for water skiing? You may not use your water toys as much as usual, in which case you can give them new lives through a boat donation in Lancaster, or call us to pick up your jet skis.

What are donors saying?

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What are the best charities for auto donations in Lancaster?

If you love your community, chances are you’re involved with some Palmdale or Lancaster non-profit groups. Have you wanted to amp up your support, but don’t really have extra cash to hand over? That’s what’s amazing about the opportunity to donate a car to charity.

If you ride horses, you know how wonderful they are. You can benefit a rescue group like Adobe Mountain Equine with a charity car donation in Lancaster. Or support another animal cause, like Paw Parent or the Humane Society.lancaster horse

Do you have a church you’d like to support? You can send proceeds there, or the value of your donation vehicle can go to any religious non-profit, like Catholic Charities

Have you, or someone you love, battled cancer or another serious disease? If you’re interested in medical causes, your car charity donation in Lancaster can go to whichever cause you choose, whether it’s heart disease, AIDS research, or something else. 

You like the idea of helping your fellow man when times are hard, and you know since the recession, non-profits have had a rough time. If there’s a charity you’d like to benefit, we’ll reach out to them, and the proceeds from your car, truck or SUV donation in Lancaster can go to them.

What’s the best car donation tax deduction in Lancaster?

One of the advantages when you make a car or truck donation in Lancaster through Riteway Charity Services is the support you can offer your favorite cause. The other is the advantage when you do your taxes.

Perhaps you’re an engineer working at Edwards Air Force Base or a Northrup employee. You’re very particular about where your money goes, of course!

You came to the right place to maximize your tax write-off! At Riteway Charity Services, the way we process car donations in Lancaster is streamlined and effective, so your charity gets a good boost and so does your bottom line. Since the highest sale price is the goal, we don’t just come and tow away your vehicle. Our repair staff assesses your auto donation to determine which improvements would most likely increase its sale price.

Because of necessary alterations, our process typically adds 25%-50% more value to donation cars. You can read stories from some of our donors to see how satisfied they’ve been with Riteway Charity Services.

Papers 5Another advantage to you is the transparency of our process. We are a family-owned business and we keep you informed throughout! Also, we follow the IRS guidelines for your tax deduction, which means you can rest easy. Both you and your non-profit receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle. 

There are plenty of good reasons to make a car donation in Lancaster, and through us at Riteway Charity Services, it means no headaches for you, no dealing with the DMV, and a nice tax break at the end of the donation process. Let us know when you’re ready to slide into the seats of a new car and we’ll take your old vehicle off your hands.

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