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Car Donation in Placentia, California

Do you commute to L.A. every day? Are you thinking you could do with a more comfortable car, since you spend so much time in it?

Or you can probably improve the gas mileage you’re getting—plus save the planet—with one of the new hybrids.family in back of car

If you have a vehicle you don’t need, you may want to consider a car donation in Placentia. It’s a nice way to benefit the non-profit of your choice while garnering the best tax write-off for a car donation.

Why should I donate my car in Placentia instead of selling it?

We each have a lot of great memories from driving a favorite car. Did you haul the kids to your place in Big Bear for years, or take it to Mammoth for skiing? When it hits that certain point (a lot of miles) or you just don’t need the big mom car anymore, you have to consider letting it go.

For some people it’s an easy decision. Are you a car collector? Or do you love all the new bells and whistles, so you like to drive something current? That new automatic steering feature that keeps you from colliding is really something!

Whether you’re headed to somewhere like Premier Chrysler Jeep or to D&M Auto for something pre-owned, you’ve got a fast, free opportunity to support your favorite cause. By donating a car in Placentia through Riteway Car Donations, you’ve figured out what to do with the car you no longer need, plus you’re getting a tax write-off. 

Are you a dealer’s dream? In other words, if you bring in a trade-in when you shop for new wheels, dealers love you. They only give you 30-40% of your trade-in car’s actual value.

Have you tried CarMax? Same thing.

Instead, a vehicle donation in Placentia enables you to write off 100% of the value of your car.

Are you an animal lover? Your donation car can benefit a rescue, like the local SPCA.medical stethascope pen chart

Have you known a child who received treatment at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles or Rady
Children's Hospital San Diego, and you thought their amazing care was worth supporting? Or perhaps you’d like to contribute to those with mental disabilities by donating a car to Special Olympics.

Donation vehicles can benefit any 501(c)(3) you care about.

How can I donate a car to charity in Placentia?

Do you get tired just thinking about the whole process of selling your car, then buying something newer, learning about all of its features and, worse, doing all the paperwork?!

You’re in luck! When you do a charity car donation in Placentia through Riteway Car Donations, that’s all handled for you! Except picking out a new car, of course!

Your car, truck or SUV donation in Placentia is fast and easy through Riteway Car Donations. Just call 888-250-4490 and our friendly associate begins by setting up a tow appointment for your donation car—wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

What’s next? Nothing, for you!

Think of the relief—no selling it yourself (waiting for flaky Craigslist people) and no paperwork. We’re not like other car charity programs who make you get your vehicle to a donation site or do other tasks. With decades of experience in the donate a car Southern California industry, we know what we’re doing!

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in Placentia?

One of the most stressful things is what happens at tax time. Not only do you have to gather all of your paperwork—either for Turbo Tax or for your CPA—so it’s kind of a headache. Well, this year you’ll be ahead of the game!

There’s no scrambling around at the last minute looking for best car donation tax write-offs. An auto donation in Placentia can get you that tax break right now. 

Boat in water fancy

You’ve partnered with the right people too. Here at Riteway Car Donations you get the added benefit of our process, which maximizes your donation. When we pick up your vehicle, our expert technicians assess your car for necessary upgrades and repairs and because of the adjustments we make, your car will typically sell for 25-50% more than it would without the changes.

So, the greater sale price = a bigger donation and a better tax deduction!

Remember the paperwork we’re handling for you? We have years of experience, and we follow the IRS guidelines completely. Within a month of the sale, you and the charity you choose receive IRS Form 1098-C to claim your deduction.

Can I make an RV donation in Placentia? A golf cart or a boat?

You sure can! Name that vehicle—it’s probably on the list! A recreational vehicle donation in Placentia is handled the same as your car or truck—money goes to a non-profit and you get the boost to your bottom line.

Did you used to take your boat down to Dana Point, but it’s just too much work anymore? Or maybe your watercraft is in a slip at Newport Dunes. When it’s time to move it down the road, donate a boat in Placentia to benefit the non-profit of your choice.

How about the hog you’ve got in storage? You don’t want it sitting there collecting dust! If you want to get out there again, you may want to ride a bike from this decade. If that’s the case, donate a motorcycle in Placentia.motorcyle

Do you live at Capriana or in a gated community where you get around in your Club Car? If it’s been sitting in your garage because the batteries died (and they’re really expensive to replace), you can make a golf cart donation in Placentia and do yourself a favor by clearing up some space.

Are your progressive friends or your adult kids riding you about going green? And have you seen we’ve got EV Charging stations in Placentia and throughout Orange County? Think of the money you’ll save after that big gas tax we just got!

When you donate a car in Placentia you’re also going green—your car gets a new life with somebody else. Stats show that most Americans buy a new car every eight years, so this is a much better option! At Riteway Car Donations we can streamline the process for you and put some money in the pocket of a great non-profit group.

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