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Car donation in San Gabriel, California

Even if downtown L.A. is only 20 miles away, the commute can take a toll on your car. When your odometer reaches 6 figures, you’re at a crossroads. Do I keep driving and roll the dice? Or do I start shopping for a new car?

If you’re leaning toward the latter, let us add an incentive.dice in classic red car

When you donate a car in San Gabriel, you have the rare opportunity of marking off some things from your plus column:

New car? Check.
Support charity? Check.
Tax write-off? Check.

It’s not just an easy thing to do. It’s a smart financial move too!

Why should I donate my car in San Gabriel instead of selling it?

You may have done a trade-in before with a dealer. The only trouble is, it’s just an easy way out. The money you forfeit isn’t enough to make it worth it! The USC Marshall School of Business did a study showing that people who bring trade-ins to dealers don’t get very good deals.

A vehicle donation in San Gabriel through Riteway Car Donations enables you to write off 100% of your car’s value. Check with your CPA—or read what a firm in Orange County says about auto donations. 

Do your friends at Studio Physique have nice, new wheels? Or are your adult children lobbying for you to give the gas guzzler the heave ho? If you’re looking at the Fiat 500 or a Nissan Leaf to reduce your carbon footprint, consider a donating a car in San Gabriel.

Are you paying for car storage? Maybe it’s time to let your Ferrari benefit a non-profit that needs help.

What are your pet causes? Is it pets? Your auto donation in San Gabriel can benefit the local Humane Society if you choose. 

Are you a strong supporter of the Asian Youth Center? New immigrants and kids from low-income households get a tremendous amount of help from AYC, which you can be a part of with a charity car donation in San Gabriel through Riteway Car Donations.kids youth pants

If you’re in a sorority alum group or you’re involved with your university’s scholarship program, here’s a great chance to throw some more support in their direction. If you aren’t sure which cause to benefit, we can help you decide. We have many partnerships with car charity programs in San Gabriel and throughout L.A.

How can I donate a vehicle in San Gabriel?

Very easily! Just pick up the phone and call us at 888-250-4490 or contact us online and our technician comes to wherever your car is to pick it up. We flex around your schedule as much as possible.

A car or truck donation in San Gabriel through Riteway Car Donations is free, and we handle the entire process, leaving you with the tax break and a charity with a check.

After we pick up your car, we inspect it to see if it would benefit from any alterations so it’s in tip top shape to be sold. Then we sell your vehicle donation for the highest price possible. Because your write-off is based on its selling price, we want you—and your charity—to reap the most possible benefit from the donation.

What are donors saying?

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How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in San Gabriel?

Now that you know you stand to lose with a dealer trade-in (about 60-70% actually), what else can enhance your car donation tax deduction in San Gabriel?

Our process of assessing donation cars, for one thing! According to our research, the improvements we make to car donations tend to increase the sale price by 25-50%. The more a donation vehicle sells for, the greater your tax break.truck dually black

With a car, truck or SUV donation in San Gabriel, you save that stress you’ve probably experienced when you’re scrambling at the last minute to find write-offs after your paperwork is already at the accountant’s, or when you’re sitting in front of your computer doing Turbo Tax. By the way, if you aren’t sure how to input a vehicle donation in Turbo Tax, they have a page explaining it.

The hits just keep coming—in a good way! Hate paperwork? We do that too. Once we tow away your vehicle, you just reap the benefit to your bottom line. We prep your car, sell it, and follow up with all the paperwork, including the title transfer!

And with us at Riteway Car Donations, you have professionals with decades of experience, who guarantee to complete paperwork properly and promptly. We send you and your chosen charity the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

If you still want to investigate the advantages of donating a vehicle to charity, visit this CPA firm’s site to see the opinions of industry professionals. 

Can I donate a boat in San Gabriel? What about an RV or a motorcycle?

Did you get your RV at Airstream Los Angeles? Thinking about a new one? When you’re ready to cast off your camper or trailer, give us a call. You can donate an RV in San Gabriel to reap the same benefits as a car donation.

Still paying for a slip in the South Bay? When you need to send your boat downstream because it’s costing too much to hang on, make a boat donation in San Gabriel.gold piggy bank

Is Temple City Power Sports your go-to for a new bike? When people in your club are hitting the road in brand new retro roadsters, while you don’t like what you hear when you blip the throttle on yours, don’t forget you can donate a motorcycle in San Gabriel to benefit a non-profit and gain a tax write-off.

Do you get outdoors anyway you can, and on any set of wheels that’ll take you there? (If you do, hopefully you’ve got insurance—whether it’s an ATV, dirt bike or snowmobile.) If you want to clear out your collection of any of those, such as donate a golf cart in San Gabriel, we can help you. 

A car donation in San Gabriel is as easy a tax write-off as you can imagine—just get a hold of us at Riteway Car Donations. You get to share the wealth with someone less fortunate while beefing up your bottom line. And your vehicle gets a second life. What could be better?

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