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Have you seen some of the features in the latest car models? Have you been considering autonomous driving or a high tech infotainment system?

Sometimes you have very little choice but to replace your car—when it’s spending more time at the service center than in your garage, for instance. Other times you just want a change, like when you’ve been driving your Escalade for eight long years.

What will you do with the car you no longer need?

A car donation in Santa Ana enables you to give support to a favorite cause while finding a good home for your old vehicle.

Why donate your car in Santa Ana instead of selling it?

Do you commute to work? If you drive to and want to donate a car in Anaheim or Cal State Long Beach for work or school, you’re putting a lot of wear on your car.

Or perhaps you’re busy driving your kids to lessons, sports and tutoring and you’ve noticed the odometer racking up the miles. One option is you can donate a car to local charity!

If your car is acting up you definitely don’t want to take chances—breaking down on the freeway would be a disaster!

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A vehicle donation in Santa Ana through Riteway Car Donations is one of the easiest things you can do, and with payoffs in so many directions.

First of all, your car gets a second chance with another driver. Someone who needs to get to work safely can put your vehicle to good use. And there’s also the best tax write-off you get to benefit your bottom line.

It’s also your big chance to support your favorite cause! It’s an opportunity to take the value of your car and give it to charity, while beefing up your own bottom line with a tax break.

If you’re an advocate for change, what is your pet issue? Do you want to save animals? (pun intended, by the way). Outlaw Dogs is a rescue group working locally to find homes for furry friends. 

Is there a medical issue you would like to benefit? Would you like to donate a car do breast cancer? The Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund is an organization we’ve worked with many times. But you may choose any 501(c)(3) that you’d like to support with your charity car donation in Santa Ana. 

If you’re a member of a church, such as Calvary Chapel, or a synagogue, we can direct proceeds to your congregation. 

Were you planning a dealer trade-in? We’re here to tell you it’s not a very good idea. Do you know what a money-loser that is?

Instead of you gaining an advantage, the car salesman scores. The same goes for selling it through CarMax. They only offer you about a third of your car’s value!

“But it’s so easy!” you say. That’s true.

But what if we told you there’s an alternative that’s just as easy, only you can write off 100% of the value?! An auto donation in Santa Ana through Riteway Car Donations offers you a tax break plus the good feeling you get from benefiting a favorite charity.

What are donors saying?

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How do I get the best car donation tax deduction in Santa Ana?

If you’re thinking about the new Lexus LS or Volvo XC60 because they can literally take the steering wheel away from the driver to avoid collisions, you know those come at a cost.Animal Family in car with dog

To make up some of that expenditure, you want to get all the value out of the car you no longer need. That’s what you get from a car, truck or SUV donation in Santa Ana through Riteway Charity Services. You get to write off the full sale price of your vehicle!

Not only do we do ALL the work, our unique process maximizes your best tax deduction. Our experts do an assessment of your auto donation to determine if it needs any repairs or upgrades before selling it. We’ve found that your car will likely sell at a 25-40% higher sale price than it would without the changes. That means your car donation tax deduction in Santa Ana is bigger!

And you get to take care of something that dogs you all year long—a benefit to your bottom line.

Have you wondered what CPAs think of vehicle donation programs? An Orange County accounting firm weighed in on their blog about the benefits of car donations, which you can check out for yourself! 

What happens when I donate my car in Santa Ana?

If you found your Honda Pilot was practical, but you’re ready for something a little sportier, give us a call and we’ll help your old car find a new home. It’s that easy—simply call us at 888-250-4490 or donate online. Our towing experts pick up your vehicle at just about any time or place that’s convenient for you. (It’s all FREE, by the way!) 

If your family is growing, so you need an SUV, or if you’re ready to go green—don’t just kick your car to the curb! We’ll make sure it has a new life with someone else.

We also handle all the paperwork—even the DMV (often the most tedious) part. We send both you and the charity you choose, plus the IRS, Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Donating a car in Santa Ana through our process at Riteway Car Donations spreads your generosity to both the new owner of your car and an individual or agency making an impact. Whether proceeds from the sale of your car benefits a child with cancer or an important educational program, it’s a way to provide for others. And it makes your CPA happy too!

Can I donate an RV or make a motorcycle donation in Santa Ana?

Do you still have the Winnebago parked on your property, or have quads taking up space in storage? You can make an RV donation in Santa Ana through Riteway Charity Services and clear out the excess.

Do you spend a lot of your free time browsing at Del Amo Motorsports? If it’s high time your Harley hit the highway, but you don’t get out there anymore, let someone else ride it. You can donate a motorcycle in Santa Ana and put some money in the pocket of a great cause.motorhome a

Or are your weekends spent finding the sweet spot on your 9-iron? If you’ve got your own cart, or you want to upgrade, we can accept your golf cart donation in Santa Ana in the same way as other vehicles. 

Do you like to take the family to Lake Casitas but need a better boat? Or is your boat sitting in storage now that your kids are older? Your watercraft can get a second life with a boat donation in Santa Ana through Riteway Car Donations

Whatever your vehicle, you can make a difference when you donate a car in Santa Ana! It’s your turn to show some love to a favorite 501(c)(3). They will be grateful, while you take care of a challenge—sending your car down the line. And to polish it off, you get a tax credit!

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