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beach flipflops and white hatWant to take advantage of great prices at the car dealer and low vehicle financing? If your car’s been driving you crazy – constantly in the shop or your stereo system is from the Stone Age – we’ve got a hot tip for you. Donate a car in South Orange County to offset your income taxes, while also supporting your favorite cause!

Are your kids in the Newport-Mesa School District? Want to help fight breast cancer? You can contribute to any non-profit entity supporting whatever you care about most through our vehicle donation program at Riteway Car Donations.

Why should I donate my car in South Orange County instead of selling it?

Your life in an upscale, skillfully planned community doesn’t get any better. You’re grateful you can raise your kids in safe neighborhoods with open spaces, beaches and lots of activities. But you also realize that life isn’t great for everyone. And you like when an opportunity shows itself where you can help those in need.

Did you know how easy it is to make that happen when you’re planning to replace your car? With the simple, but generous, act of a vehicle donation in South Orange County, local needs are met.

Have you noticed a lot of new cars in the parking lot when you go to the gym? There are great deals and low-interest leasing options people are taking advantage of. Don’t miss out on the win-win that auto donations give you. High-tech sound, cutting edge navigation system, new leather seats ... plus your favorite charity gets cash!Give

Are you an animal advocate? Do you love the way celebrities like Matt Damon and Bono are getting more water to people in areas with heavy drought conditions? Whatever the cause, when you donate a car to charity through us at Riteway Car Donations you are directly benefiting your favorite non-profit. Choose any 501(c)(3) to receive your generous gift.

Are you in PTA or do you belong to Saddleback Church in Irvine? Imagine more kids’ supplies, more money to feed the hungry – you can be a part of that!

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tax money growth plantsHow can I donate a car in South Orange County?

All it takes is reaching out to us at Riteway Car Donations and we’ve got this! Seriously, it’s that easy.

Our experts are standing by. Once you call us at 888-250-4490 or contact us online, we come to you – wherever your car is – and tow it away to complete the donation process. We even have one-day pick up services available. Some car charity programs require that you drop off your vehicle, but we come to you!

Next, our technicians go to work, assessing your auto donation to make necessary repairs so your vehicle’s value is maximized. We sell your car and finish all the DMV paperwork. It’s completely free, and there are zero headaches for you.

With our paperwork, your charity car donation in South Orange County is completed in full and with total transparency. Both you and the non-profit receive confirmation of the donation and you can enjoy your new set of wheels, plus the good feeling you’ve supported a charity.

How can I get the best car donation tax deduction in South Orange County?tax calculator

Thanks to years of experience in the business, we at Riteway Car Donations maximize the tax benefit you get when donating a vehicle in South Orange County. Our research shows that the value of auto donations typically go up about 25-50% after the improvements we make to the vehicles. We’re reimbursed by the non-profit for towing plus a standard service fee, and then they receive proceeds from the sale, while you get your tax break.

If you’re a fan of Turbo Tax, you can turn to their website to see how they walk you through the donation process. 

Do you prefer to use a CPA? Check out opinions from professionals about donating a vehicle to charity on a prominent Orange County CPA’s website.

We follow all IRS guidelines when you donate a vehicle for a tax deduction in California. After we find a buyer for your car, we report the final price to you and your charity. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.

Do car donations in South Orange County include RVs? What about a boat donation? A motorcycle donation?

It’s fairly routine for us to process an RV donation in South Orange County. Do you find you’re calling AAA a lot because of your aging vehicles? You can make a recreational vehicle donation in South Orange County involving almost anything motorized.

Has it been a long time since you’ve joined your vintage bike club for an event? You can donate a motorcycle in South Orange County and make good use of your two-wheeled toy. Is your homeowners association hounding you to get a boat out of your driveway? Here’s your chance – a boat donation in South Orange County can be swiftly and easily handled and benefit both you and a charity.

Long white pier and oceanWe also pick up Sea-Doos, jet skis, or ATVs of all kinds. Are you spending too much money on storage for your hot rods, sports cars, cycles, quads, etc.? You may have a camper or trailer you no longer use – just call us if you have a sedan, truck or SUV donation in South Orange County – even if it no longer runs.

Are you a golfer? We can pick up your golf cart donation in South Orange County as well. It’s the same easy process!

We’ve spent over three decades in Southern California meeting the needs of others through generous donors like you. We’re a trusted, family-owned business. If you’re interested in replacing your car this year, consider a vehicle donation in South Orange County. It’s a way to support a cause you care about, while handing over the responsibility of finding a new home for your old vehicle.

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