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Car Donation in Ventura, California

There’s nowhere you’d rather be than on a Southern California beach. The air, the sun – you can grab your board and hit the waves. But if you can’t get there on foot, ventura 1you need a reliable ride, which means you’ve got to do something about your not-so-reliable vehicle.

Do you find yourself checking LetGo and AutoTrader to see what’s out there? Or do you drive past Ventura Auto Center and drool? Chances are it’s almost time for new wheels ... which means the other thing that’s just around the corner is – a car donation in Ventura through Riteway Charity Services!

Why should I donate my car in Ventura?

Do you spend hours every day in the carpool, driving the whole neighborhood to school? Or do you spend afternoons getting your kids to Buccaneers football and cheer practice? You definitely don’t want to take chances with an unreliable car!

If your car seems like it’s been around as long as Mission San Buenaventura – you can decide it's history! and pick up something contemporary, with cutting-edge features like seat warmers, rearview video and collision avoidance. What about your odometer? What does it say? If you commute to L.A. County, or work in outside sales, it’s probably getting up there.

Sure, making a car change is a hassle. There are decisions to make, budgets to consult, but one really great aspect of it all is the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

Are you involved in an active non-profit like Habitat for Humanity? Or is your daughter in the Junior Charity League?

By donating a vehicle in Ventura you can put money into the pocket of whichever group you want! Are you a member of the Ventura County Chamber of Commerce? That’s a 501(c)(3) ... or Girl Scouts? That’s a group we’ve worked with many times.

If you’ve never thought about a vehicle donation and were just planning to hit up the dealer – don’t! It just isn’t the wisest thing you can do. Students at USC’s Marshall School of Business found the truth about dealer trade-ins. Sales people tend to crank up the price of the new car if you bring in a trade-in.

How can I donate my car in Ventura?

Just call us! We’re ready to help you, so just reach us at 888-250-4490 or donate online and you’ve done your part! We send our towing professionals to wherever your car is located. Did it break down at work? Or is it in your garage? We arrange it with you, and then we take it from there.

It’s easy to transform your vehicle into comfort for someone battling illness or a child needing support. A vehicle donation in Ventura requires so little – we clean it,ventura 5 photograph it and sell it for you. And then we handle every bit of the paperwork, down to the title transfer.

And with our unique car donation process your contribution is maximized and, thus, so is your tax break. Our experts check to see if it needs repairs or upgrades. Everyone benefits, as we’ve found that our cars get proceeds that are 25-50% higher than they do without the improvements.

And then, in short order, you receive paperwork for your car charity donation in Ventura.

What are donors saying?

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Can I get a car donation tax deduction in Ventura?

Do you get really concerned at tax time? We’re happy to help! It’s an easy write-off, which is welcome any time of year. We all need them, and sometimes we wait until the last minute, when Turbo Tax commands us to input them or our accountant asks about them.

ventura 2Want to be a big hit with the CPA? Tell Kelly & Associates (or whoever you go to) you’re donating a car in Ventura through Riteway Charity Services. Our process will stand out. Why? Remember – we go the extra mile to maximize your vehicle’s value, so it makes you even more popular with your accounting team.

What doesn’t make sense is dropping a lot of money on storing things you don’t use. Do you have vehicles in a space at Public Storage on McGrath? An auto donation in Ventura through Riteway Charity Services could save you some big dollars!

We take care of the title transfer and all of the paperwork for your charity car donation in Ventura. We sell your car, then we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and the non-profit, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

Can I donate a boat in Ventura? Or an RV?

Are you a water lover? If you spend a lot of weekends at the marina in Oxnard, on the ocean or at the lake, you probably own a boat. And if you’re like a lot of people, you actually look forward to the day you can cut it loose. Give us a call so you can make a boat donation in Ventura.

All kinds of recreational vehicles can be converted into a gift to fuel the good work of a non-profit. When you have a Winnebago, or even just a tent trailer that’s stuck in storage, gathering dust, it’s wasting time in storage rather than getting a second life with another family! Make an RV donation in Ventura to send proceeds to charity.

Are you part of the Ventura County Motorcycle Club? If you’re thinking you’d like to straddle a newer Yamaha or a bigger Harley, make a motorcycle donation in Ventura through Riteway Charity Services.

Do you live on a golf course? Or are you in a retirement community? If you find yourself with a golf cart you don’t use much, give us a call. You can donate a golf cartventura 3 in Ventura to get a tax write-off and choose a charity to get proceeds from the sale.

Help your favorite cause and clean up your property/storage/garage in one fell swoop! You’d rather hit the waves than waste time selling your vehicles, to be sure. Let us help you!

When you donate a car in Ventura through Riteway Charity Services, you’re helping others, as well as yourself. It’s such a win-win! And one more thing – you’re enabling someone of modest means to give your car a second life. There’s no down-side to the whole process.

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