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Car Donation in La Jolla, California

Have you heard about car donations in La Jolla? Here is the information you've been looking for!

When you live in an exclusive corner of San Diego, you’re among professionals in medicine, business and the arts. You and your children need great performance out of your car—they don’t want to miss soccer or piano lessons, and you don’t want your business to suffer because your car doesn’t have the latest technology. https://www.sandiego.gov/

Keep your edge with a new car, but show how much you care with a car donation in La Jollahttps://www.lajolla.com/ little boy walking in ocean

Why Opt for Car Donation in La Jolla instead of selling it?

Are you already car shopping? It’s a blast—picking out your next big thing — maybe it’s an environmentally responsible electric car, or perhaps you need to upgrade to a Hummer or at least a large SUV so you can take your kids and their friends everywhere.

Living on the coast is amazing, and you know you’ve been blessed in a big way.

If you want to set a good example for your kids (and pick out a “greener” car) or if your vehicle just doesn’t meet your needs, get out there!

But what will you do with the vehicle you no longer need? Make a  truck, SUV or car donation in La Jolla!

If you give a car donation in La Jolla you literally get to put money into your favorite cause!girl with dog in car both sunglasses

You probably worry about others who don’t have enough resources. But don’t just give your old car to your cleaning lady. Through Riteway Car Donations you can turn your car into comfort, warmth or food and shelter for individuals who are suffering.

If you’ve wanted to make a difference for a long time, here’s your chance! Plus, don’t forget the benefit that a car donaiton donation in La Jolla can give you—you also get a tax write-off. Your favorite cause gets a donation, you get a tax break, and somebody else gives your car a new life. Not bad!!

If you have a favorite charity, let us know who it is. Do you love the La Jolla Playhouse? Or does your kid’s school have a parent-teacher organization? If you need ideas, you can also click on our “causes” page. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/causes

If you’re just going to do a dealer trade-in, there’s something you may want to know. You lose a whopping 60-70% of your car’s value that way! Don’t do that or CarMax, because when you give a car donation in La Jolla through Riteway Car Donations, you can write off 100% of the sale price of your car and someone who needs extra money gets it!

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What happens when I Give a Car Donation in La Jolla?

You know you’re blessed. Luxurious beaches, the scientific community—you’ve got everything you need. But you also know there are plenty of people—families even—who do not.ocean sand one shell

If you’ve become more convinced that parlaying your old vehicle into a gift for someone in need is the right decision for you, there’s just one more question: How do you give a car donation to charity in La Jolla?

Just pick up your phone and call us at 888-250-4490 and your old car begins to transform into a vessel of care for someone who needs it. You can also donate online. http://www.ritewaycardonations.com/online-donation/

What happens next? Our towing experts come to wherever you are—or more accurately, where your car is—and we pick up your vehicle at a time that’s convenient for you. A 7 day service is available if you need one. You can just take it easy—we sell it for you and handle all the details!

Has your CPA been hounding you for better write-offs? A  tax deduction from a car donation in La Jolla maximizes your contribution more than other car donation in La Jolla programs. You see, our technicians make necessary improvements to your vehicle and we sell it for top dollar, which grants your favorite non-profit a larger contribution ... and, of course, a bigger write-off for you! We’ve found that our adjustments get you about a 25-50% higher sale price than cars without the changes.motor home

One of the best things about a dealer trade-in is that they handle all the paperwork, including the DMV details. So do we!

After we sell your car, we send both you and the charity IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. You’re welcome!


Can I donate a Golf Cart in La Jolla? An RV or Motorcycle?

Have you had your eye on a 48-volt electric Club Car? If you live in Seven Oaks Senior Community or La Jolla Village, you may be considering an upgrade. A golf cart donation in La Jolla will benefit your favorite cause, just like a car. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/ca/golf-cart-donation

If you have a Newmar King Aire or a Featherlite Vantare and you don’t really get out much anymore, make an RV donation in La Jolla. We pick up campers, trailers, ATV’s—just about any style of vehicle.

Do you love the lake? If your family likes water sports, you may have an extra boat taking up space in storage. A boat donation in La Jolla gives you a tax write-off and puts money in the pocket of a non-profit! https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/boat-donation

Are you in a bike club? If your Suzuki sits in the garage most of the time, it may be a good reason to donate a motorcycle in La Jolla. If you liked the impact you made when your bike was bright, shiny and new—imagine the impact you can make on the work of a non-profit group. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/motorcycle-donationpuzzle your mission your cause

Space is precious, especially near the shoreline, which is a beautiful place to live. And whether you’re employed by UC San Diego or a company like Qualcomm, you’d rather hang out at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club than deal with car issues. Take it easy and make a car donation in La Jolla through Riteway Car Donations! You’ll see why Southern California residents have turned to us to find a great place for their vehicles while benefiting others who have fewer resources.

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