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Car Donation in Malibu, California

You like a car that’s fast, shiny, and has all the bells and whistles on the market. Does that mean it’s time to start car shopping? If you’ve already started meeting with car dealers, good for you!ocean sand one shell

But what are you going to do with your old car? While you’re slipping into nice, new leather seats and breathing in that “new smell,” how would you like to support someone in need? Imagine the great feeling you’d get if you donate a car in Malibu and send financial support to your favorite charity!

Why donate your car in Malibu instead of selling it?

Living on the coast is amazing, and you know you’ve been blessed in a big way.

Have you seen all the EV charging stations on the Westside? If you’ve ever thought of reducing your carbon footprint and setting a good example for your kids, it may be time for a “greener” car.

You can just pull into the Country Mart to charge up your electric car whenever you need to. Are you ready to ditch that Hummer for a hybrid?

If you are, then why don’t you donate a car to charity in Malibu and show your generosity to others who don’t have enough resources? Through Riteway Car Donations you can turn something ordinary, like a car, into comfort, warmth or food and shelter for individuals who are suffering.

You love to take care of those around you—sowing peace where you can, helping the homeless, and meeting needs. Of course, there’s the satisfaction of helping others, but don’t forget the benefit that an auto donation in Malibu can give you—you also get a tax write-off. It’s really a win-win-win. You read it right—your favorite cause gets a donation, you get a tax break, and somebody else gives your car a new life.

Do you want to provide sustainable sources of clean water to others around the world, such as Africa and India? Local non-profit RainCatcher can benefit from your vehicle donation in Malibu.

beach flipflops and white hatAre you active in your community? If your kids are at Point Dume Elementary or Malibu High School, you can direct your car, truck or SUV donation in Malibu to support the PTA. You can choose to benefit animals, meet medical needs or contribute to your religious institution with a charity car donation in Malibu. If you need ideas, just click on our “causes” page. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/causes

Did you buy your last car from Rusnak? Or Bob Smith BMW? If you’re used to doing a dealer trade-in, that’s not unusual. The only trouble is, you lose 60-70% of your car’s value that way! You may want to reconsider that option, or doing CarMax. When you donate a vehicle in Malibu through Riteway Car Donations you can write off 100% of the sale price of your car.

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What happens when I donate my car in Malibu?

Are you convinced that parlaying your old vehicle into a gift for someone in need is the right decision for you? Now you may be wondering just how to donate a car to charity in Malibu. Don’t worry—we’ve got this!

All you have to do is make a quick call to us at 888-250-4490 and your old car begins its transformation into help for someone who needs it, or you can donate online.http://www.ritewaycharityservices.com/online-donation/tax money growth plants

First our towing experts come to wherever you are—or more accurately, where your car is—and pick up your vehicle at a time that’s convenient for you. Also, a 24-hour service is available. We take the entire burden off of you—we sell it for you and handle all the details, so you aren’t stuck waiting for flaky Craigslist buyers!

Need another incentive? A car donation tax deduction in Malibu through us maximizes your contribution more than other car charity programs. Because our technicians make necessary improvements to your vehicle, we sell it for top dollar, bringing a larger contribution to your favorite non-profit and a bigger write-off for you! We’ve found that our adjustments normally get about a 25-50% higher sale price than cars without the changes.

Do you just hate the paperwork associated with selling your car? Good—we also handle all the paperwork, including the DMV part! We send both you and the charity you choose, plus the IRS, Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total.


Can I donate a Golf Cart in Malibu? An RV or Motorcycle?

Have you been talking to Malibu Custom Carts about picking up something new? You can make a golf cart donation in Malibu to let your old wheels be a vessel for good. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/ca/golf-cart-donation

There’s nothing like breezing down PCH on your bike, and if you ride a lot, you may be in the market for a new one. Before you trade it in to Malibu Motorcycle Works for a new Yamaha or Harley, consider a motorcycle donation in Malibu. You can call us with ATVs, campers, trailers or donate a recreational vehicle in Malibu. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/motorcycle-donationmotorcyle

Do you love to get out on the water, but have watercraft you don’t use? You can make a boat donation in Malibu, which is the same process as an auto donation. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/boat-donation

Space is precious, especially on the ocean. If you’ve got vehicles on your property or in a storage unit, it may be time to find them new homes. There’s someone out there who needs a set of wheels to get to and from work, so they’ll be thrilled with your old car. A car donation in Malibu through Riteway Car Donations, can be the blessing someone else gets, while you get the advantage to your bottom line. When it’s time to make a change, consider the value of transforming your vehicle into an advantage for somebody else.

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