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Car Donation in Santa Fe Springs, California

Is your commute killing you? Or at least killing your car?

You know you can rack up the miles on L.A. freeways, especially when your work isn’t down the street! If you’re thinking you can’t hang onto your vehicle that much longer, that you’re taking chances it’s going to overheat or drop a tranny, it’s a problem...but also a new opportunity!medical women in wheelchair

You can think about your next car—what will meet your needs best—and at the same time, donate a car in Santa Fe Springs to meet the needs of others who are less fortunate.

For your sake, you need reliable wheels. But you can also demonstrate your generosity by reaching out to a non-profit with the car you no longer need.

Why donate your car in Santa Fe Springs instead of selling it?

When you look at your options—keep your car, but spend a lot of time at the mechanic; trade in your car to a dealer, but lose 60-70% of its value; or take pictures of your car, write a description, post it and meet with potential buyers—they’ve all got drawbacks.

If you donate a vehicle in Santa Fe Springs through Riteway Car Donations, we can take over the hard part and you can spend your time on better things—like shopping for a new car!

If you’ve done a dealer trade-in or CarMax in the past, you already know what you’re sacrificing.

First of all, you won’t get your tax break. And second, the dealer loves it when you do that. They did a study at USC’s Marshall School of Business and found that dealers just increase the price of your new car when you bring a trade-in. They assume you don’t care how much it costs.

But donating a car to charity in Santa Fe Springs lets you write off 100% of its value!People Holding support

Do you feel like getting into something a little more environmentally responsible, like a hybrid? Or are you actually upsizing for an expanding family?

You still have to come up with a plan for your old car. When you make a car, truck or SUV donation in Santa Fe Springs you can put money into the pocket of a charity needing support.

Are you a part of the PTA at your kids’ school or a member of your college alumni group? You can direct proceeds to any 501(c)(3) you want to. Do you have a church, temple or religious school to support, or would you like to become a benefactor to the arts? Just let us know!

Through Riteway Car Donations you can turn your car into comfort, warmth or food and shelter for individuals who are suffering, or enable a girl scout to go to camp.

If you need ideas, you can also click on our “causes” page. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/causes


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What happens when I donate my car in Santa Fe Springs?

It’s not a stretch to say you’ve hung onto your car too long. You can hardly hear your audible.com books on the sound system and your GPS doesn’t know about the newest roads. There are little tears here and there and knobs that are wearing down.

Well, that was easy! But actually choosing the easiest and most effective way to move your old car down the road is another story. To make your car a gift for someone in need (and get your tax write-off) is very, very easy!Man laying on grass with sign

Simply call us at 888-250-4490 or donate online and you’re good to go! http://www.ritewaycarservices.com/online-donation/

Our towing experts come to wherever you are—where your car is, actually—and we pick up your donation vehicle at a time that’s convenient for you. Need 24-hour service? That’s available if you need it.

While we’re taking care of your car—assessing it for necessary adjustments and upgrades—you’re gearing up to take advantage of a car donation tax deduction in Santa Fe Springs.

At Riteway Car Donations we maximize your contribution, which is what makes us stand out over other car charity programs. When our technicians make changes to your vehicle, it tends to sell for more, which gives more support to your favorite non-profit and, of course, a bigger write-off for you! The sale price is typically about a 25-50% higher than cars without the changes.

Hate the paperwork? Good news! We handle all of it. We take care of the title transfer with the DMV for vehicle donations in Santa Fe Springs, and we prepare the tax forms, sending both you and the charity a completed IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale of your car. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/pub4303.pdf


Can I donate an RV in Santa Fe Springs? A boat or motorcycle?

When you make a recreational vehicle donation in Santa Fe Springs, you help fund your favorite cause, whether you’ve got a camper, trailer, fifth wheel or another type. And if you’re a big water sportsman—fishing, sailing, skiing, we suggest the same thing: Donate a boat in Santa Fe Springs when you find you just don’t use it anymore. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/boat-donation

Do you live in a 55+ community and take your golf cart around the neighborhood? When the batteries die, you’ll find they’re really expensive to replace, so you may want to go a different route. You can donate a golf cart in Santa Fe Springs and, once again, benefit a cause and your bottom line! https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/ca/golf-cart-donationyouth circle grass

Are you in the Santa Fe Springs chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club? And does it seem like your bike just doesn’t meet your needs anymore? If you’re headed to the Harley dealer, what will you do with your old bike? Maybe it’s a good opportunity to donate a motorcycle in Santa Fe Springs. https://www.ritewaycardonations.org/donate-vehicle/motorcycle-donation

Your car plays a very important role in your life. It may seem ordinary, but it’s uber important (pun intended!). Seriously, let the car you no longer need make a sizable impact with a car donation in Santa Fe Springs through Riteway Car Donations! We’re a family-owned business and have been serving the community for three decades. We can help you with one phone call or just a click of your mouse.

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