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Environmental Stewardship Car Donation Programs

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Who benefits from my car donation to help protect the environment?

earthAs nice as it feels to upgrade to a new car, it’s a bonus to know that the car you no longer need can make a difference for a favorite charity. You can share your passion for a cause, draw attention to what you consider important – all with the value of a car you don’t need.

A car donation to an environmental organization working diligently to protect the planet will allow important awareness to be expanded upon. It also gives those learning about the diversity of nature, a better opportunity to educate others on the importance of sustainability and reduce, reuse, recycle.

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Can I donate a car to a charity not listed here?

beach clean up

Yes! It’s exactly the same as with the nonprofit groups listed above. If you have a favorite charity, let us know and your car donation to the charity you choose will receive a nice check to go along with your tax benefit.

Want to put men and women to work? You can donate a car to Goodwill. Another opportunity to provide career training is a Salvation Army car donation. When you donate a car to the Salvation Army, you provide funds for rehabilitation, job training and spiritual support.

When you’re ready to upgrade or downsize, let us know and your car donation to a community program can get underway. Call us today at: (888) 250-4490, or click "DONATE NOW"!

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