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Car Donation to Angel Flight West

pexels photo 1250452From babies to adults, there are individuals battling difficult diseases, but unable to get the proper care due to rural living or family constraints. Some need kidney transplant follow-up, while others need treatment for cystic fibrosis.

There are angels in the air – approximately 1,400 pilots in 13 western states – who donate their time, their aircraft and other flight costs for the health of others.

When you donate a car to Angel Flight West you add to their ability to soar, thus becoming a vessel of healing at the same time.

Why should I donate my car to Angel Flight West?

When you’re concerned about the health of a loved one, money is no object. But, what if healing is inaccessible because a family doesn’t have the money or they can’t get to the city where there’s treatment to give their child the best chance of survival? For instance, if they live in Tennessee, but the doctor they need lives in L.A., they need someone who can fly them to LAX

Many times, families are in turmoil when coping with serious disease. Couples who have a child with cancer, or a mom and dad separated from their family because of a natural disaster. They need help.

Your form of transportation on the ground can take patients by air to a place of healing. A vehicle donation to Angel Flight West turns the value of your car into the resources they need to help people.

Was there a period in your life when you spent a lot of time at the hospital? Perhaps you took a friend to chemotherapy or you had a parent with a debilitating disease. Imagine the roadblocks that may be in place for a family of modest means who live in a small town in Wyoming.

If you thought the best idea to replace your car was to drive straight to the dealer and just do a trade-in, we have another possibility for you. While you only get 30-40% of your vehicle’s value from a trade-in, you can write off 100% of the sale price of a donation car when you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Angel Flight West.

Can I donate an RV to Angel Flight West? A boat or motorcycle?

Yes, we welcome an RV donation to Angel Flight West, whether it’s something small, like a Vanagon, or a huge Pace Arrow. Baby in hospital

Are you a fisherman, or a lifelong water skier? Well, if you have a boat, or items such as Sea-Doos or jet skis, call us at Riteway Charity Services. A boat donation to Angel Flight West is a great way to show your support to those that need it.

Do you live in a Trilogy Community? Then you probably have a golf cart, which would come in handy if you had a medical emergency on the course. Just like that scenario, individuals who need transportation for medical reasons sometimes can’t make it on their own. A golf cart donation to Angel Flight West can be just the ticket to get someone the medical help they need.

Do you and your friends take their hogs on the highway? You could be in one of the popular meetups for bikers, or maybe you just take yours around town. When it’s got too many miles on it, or when you want to mount a new MT-07 you can donate a motorcycle to Angel Flight West.

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Do I get a car donation tax deduction by donating a car to Angel Flight West?

Family togetherYes ... because it’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, an auto donation to Angel Flight West is tax-deductible! What good news – you can do something nice for yourself, please your CPA with another write-off, and help a child or adult get to a place of comfort and healing. For over 30 years, the Angel Flight organization has flown more than 40,000 total missions. 

You understand that kind of generosity, because it’s the way you are also. You like the idea of building a powerful portfolio, but when it’s used for good – all the better!

After we complete the sale of your donation vehicle, we report the sale price of your car both to you and to Angel Flight West, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale. 

If you’ve been a little panicked lately about the reliability of your car, it’s a sign you may want to start looking for a replacement. Imagine the feeling for someone who is desperate for a rare treatment, or a survivor of a hurricane who can’t find his kids! When your life is relatively smooth, your nature is to give to those who are sinking.

How do you donate your car to Angel Flight West?

If you’ve been hoping to find an opportunity to contribute to the organization without writing a check or paying in sweat equity, you won’t find an easier way. That’s mostly because we handle, literally, every step.

Just make a quick phone call to us at 888-250-4490 or donate online and it’s wheels up (pun intended).

We work with you to find the most convenient time and place to pick up your car. After our towing experts drive away, it leaves you with time on your hands. You may choose to hit a movie, go back to work, volunteer, or shop for a new car!

Meanwhile, we continue with our streamlined process. First, our technicians take a look at your car to see if it would benefit from necessary alterations. Why? Because we’ve found that donation cars with changes sell at a higher price than those who don’t have them.

It’s truly an effortless way for you to offer the same as the AFW pilots, who are engineers and teachers and executives and entrepreneurs. You join them in caring about the powerlessness so many people are forced to experience – and at such a bad time in their lives.

Let us know if you want to join forces with them through a car donation to AFW through Riteway Charity Services. People in trying circumstances need community, and they also need such real assistance as transportation. With you, and the vehicle you no longer need, that can become a reality.

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