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CT Animal House Car Donation Program

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Car Donation to CT Animal House

pexels photo 672004Animals are meant to be loved, cared for and free to run and play. But too many are wasting away in shelters, where the possibility of being euthanized is just a breath away.

But for four-legged creatures in Connecticut there’s a way out: CT Animal House. They cover medical costs, care for special needs, and even make animals more adoptable with behavior training.

If you have a vehicle you no longer need, you can contribute to the cause with a car donation to CT Animal House through Riteway Charity Services.

Why should I donate my car to CT Animal House?

These animals need you. Dogs like King, a bulldog mix, had an owner who starved him. He only got table scraps and was treated cruelly, eventually landing him at the pound.

Thanks to CT Animal House, King received much-needed veterinary care to treat injuries and damage from malnourishment, such pexels photo 53261as pancreatic insufficiency. What he really needs now is a home and family.

Are you considering a new car? This is a great opportunity – a vehicle donation to CT Animal House through Riteway Charity Services enables both you and the non-profit to benefit.

If you’re spending more time with the mechanic than your family, something’s wrong! An article on Edmunds.com talks about that point where you may as well be putting money toward a car payment rather than repairs. 

Or have you caught a vision for a greener America? Did you know Connecticut is now a “range confident” state? It means that electric car charging stations are always within reach. And when you drive a hybrid or electric car you also save gas money!

When you’ve made your purchase, remember what a car, truck or SUV donation to CT Animal House can do – provide support for emergency medical expenses, grooming and behavioral training – to save animals.

How do you donate your car to CT Animal House?

It’s inevitable – we all reach that point where we need a new car. And one of the challenges that comes with the territory is what to do with the old car.

We’ve given you a lot of good reasons to donate a vehicle to CT Animal House through us at Riteway Charity Services.

You can be a hero, and here’s how:

• Call us at 888-250-4490 or donate online
• Meet the towing professional
• Wait for us to finish the process for you

It’s seriously that easy! We come to you, usually 24-48 hours from the time you contact us. And we come to you and your car – wherever you are.

After 30 years in the car donation industry, we know how to handle the sale of your donation car – plus we do all the paperwork for you! (Unless, of course, you’d miss standing in line at the DMV.)

Within 30 days of the sale of your car, we send you and the charity the proper paperwork, compliant with IRS regulations, so you have the Form 1098-C for your tax preparer. 

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Do you get a car donation tax deduction when donating a car to CT Animal House?

Animal Friends Rescue dog sitting with catYou do – yes. Because CTAH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you’re able to write it off your taxes. Wherever you live – in or outside of Connecticut – it’s a great thing to be able to benefit animals in need with a car or truck donation to CT Animal House.

Whether you’re a member of the Connecticut Military Corvette Club or put miles on your car in a lengthy commute, why not make a change in vehicle benefit you?

Your accountant will be pleased to see you thinking ahead with a charity car donation to CT Animal House. In fact, if you’d like to see what some Southern California CPAs think of this type of write-off, you can read a post they created.

Our streamlined process at Riteway Charity Services adds even more bang to the buck. After picking up your donation vehicle, our experts assess your car to see if it requires any alterations. We’ve found that after the changes, cars tend to sell for about 25-50% more than those without them. That means more money goes to save animals and it’s a greater tax deduction for you!

Can I donate a motorcycle to CT Animal House? An RV or Boat?

Yes, we process many types of vehicles!

Do you and your bike club friends go cross country for events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Be sure to let them know that when they get a new bike they can make a motorcycle donation to CT Animal House through Riteway Charity Services.

Has your family made memories each year going to places like Wilderness Lake, but now it’s time to give up the motorhome? While you make the transition, you can make some positive changes for furry friends at the same time with an RV donation to CT Animal House.jet skiing man

Are you a lifelong fisherman or water skier? When you choose to retire your watercraft (and that includes jet skis and Sea-Doos) you can donate a boat to CT Animal House through Riteway Charity Services.

Do you have a family member at A Place for Mom or other retirement community? Or do you live at Chatfield Farms? If you own a Club Car and want a big 8-seater to haul your friends around, let us know. You can donate a golf cart to CT Animal House!

If you’ve been looking for the chance to donate a car to an animal charity, we’ve got it. When you donate a car to CT Animal House, the organization has greater resources to prepare innocent animals for adoptive families, so they get a chance for long, happy lives.

When it looks like you’re replacing your vehicle, or for some other reason have one you don’t need, call us at Riteway Charity Services. We are happy to help you.

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