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Assoc. of German Shepherd Rescuers, Inc. Car Donation Program

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Car donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

pexels photo 333083Little Kyle begs his parents for a puppy and they bring home Buddy, a big German shepherd, which is wonderful—for a time. But when it’s too much work for the family, they take Buddy to an animal shelter, where his fate is unknown.

And then there’s Coco, who’s been living with Jean her whole life. But when Jean falls and is hospitalized indefinitely, what happens to Coco? She’s lost her constant companion, her security—her everything.

You can help. A car donation to German Shepherd Rescue OC gives life and love to the powerless—dogs who are either unwanted or unable to stay with their masters.

Why should I make a charity car donation to animals through German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County?

“Heroism is their hobby” says the American Kennel Club’s website. German shepherds have—with no training—taken bullets, plunged into waters and thrown themselves in front of rattlesnakes for their owners!

But what happens when it’s one of these noble creatures who needs help to survive? That’s where the heroes at GSROC come in!

First, they screen adoption homes, to be sure dogs are going to only the most loving forever families. They look at the residents in the home, their experience, lifestyle and preferences to make a perfect match.

There are 6-8 million dogs and cats losing their lives every year because of pet overpopulation. And one-fourth of those are purebreds. What GSROC can do is make a difference in the lives of German shepherds—but only with our support.

Do you want to help the helpless? You can, with a vehicle donation to animal rescue through German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County through Riteway Car Donations.

Does your car have a lot of miles on it? Or is it just not working as a commuter car?

Perhaps you’ve got friends, or grown children, hounding you to go green. Have you seen the amazing hybrids on the market? Ready for an electric car?

It’s so nice to know that your car can give hope to an animal who needs you.

Why should I donate my car instead of selling it?

If you’ve just spent your last day at the auto mechanic and you decided this is it—what were you planning to do with the car you pexels photo 236622no longer need? Were you going to do a dealer trade-in?

A lot of folks go that route and it’s easy, for sure. But what if I told you there’s something just as easy, but you’d be getting a German shepherd out of a scary situation in the process? A car charity donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County can do that!

Sometimes you just know it’s time to let go. You’re starting to get rips in the seats or you’re eyeballing the new cars in the parking lot at the market.

But you also want wisdom when it comes to financial decisions, and we can provide some ample backup. An article on the well-known site Edmunds.com says you can just use “simple math: If the cost of repairs is greater than either the value of the vehicle donation to animals or one year's worth of monthly payments, it's time for another vehicle."

Then just factor in your tax deduction, and it’s kind of a no-brainer where your bottom line is concerned!

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How do I donate a vehicle to animals in need through German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County?

This is where we take all the responsibility off your shoulders. You literally hand us the keys and set your sights on your next set of wheels.

Just call us at 888-250-4490 or donate online and you’re good to go! We come and tow away your donation car at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Your vehicle might not be at your house, so we work with you to make it easy.

Next, we have a part of the process that’s especially beneficial to you. We assess your car for necessary alterations before selling it. Cars typically sell for 25-50% more than those without changes.

That’s right—we sell your auto donation for you. In fact, we handle virtually every step in the process. We get it ready, sell it, and do all the paperwork!

Following the guidelines set by the IRS, we send you and GSROC the sale total within 30 days, which includes the IRS Form 1098-C.

Can I donate a motorcycle to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County? An RV or a boat?

dog trainer silhouettes sunset 38284Yes, a car, truck or RV donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County puts money toward the cause and boosts your bottom line.

And other vehicles work too. If you’ve got an ATV or ROV of another kind, give us a call at Riteway Car Donations.

Do you hit the highways on your bike, but want an upgrade? Maybe you’d like to grip the Thunderbird Storm or the Suzuki with its 1800 motor. You can make a motorcycle donation to GSROC to maximize the benefit all the way around. 

Do you love the water, but find you’ve sort of hung up the skis and spent more time indoors lately? A boat donation to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County lets somebody else take the helm.

Do you live in a gated community where you take your Club Car to the neighbor’s? If it’s been gathering dust in your garage because the batteries died (they’re really expensive to replace), let us know. You can donate a golf cart to German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County through Riteway Car Donations, and dogs can win while you get the tax credit!

Clean up your property and support these awe-inspiring dogs. German Shepherds live to work. Did you know they were the first seeing eye dogs, launching a huge service-dog movement still growing today? 

Half of all dogs coming to GSROC come from owners who can’t care for them, usually because they’re moving. Sometimes a pet owner becomes ill, hospitalized or dies and the dog needs someone to step in. Donate a car to animal rescue charity German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County through Riteway Car Donations and sleep well knowing you’ve provided generous assistance to dogs and done something nice for your taxes too.

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