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Korean Gospel Broadcasting Co. Car Donation Program

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Car donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company

pexels photo 682082Radio broadcasting is an effective way to reach people. Based in Anaheim, KGBN reaches out to Korean individuals with the goal of telling them about Jesus. It’s as simple as that.

But it isn’t free. And for almost 30 years, men and women in the greater Los Angeles area get to hear the gospel, thanks to KGBC. “We love God and only share Jesus,” says the tagline of this non-profit company.

Do you look for new ways to aid the cause of spreading God’s plan for salvation to all who hear? Make a car donation to KGBC through Riteway Charity Services and join that mission while gaining a tax credit and the good feeling that you’re serving the Lord!

Why should I donate my car to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company?

People need the Lord, and you love when opportunities come down the pike where you can tell others about his pexels photo 267709redemptive power. That’s what KGBC works toward – ushering into the kingdom everyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see.

Asians are the largest group immigrating to the United States and their top destination is greater Los Angeles. Communities like Irvine now have more Asians in residence than Caucasians. That’s why KGBC is situated here – the perfect place to tell people about eternal life through Jesus.

Just as you won’t live forever, neither will your car. There comes a time when you need something more reliable or a vehicle that fits your lifestyle better.

When you have your first baby, that Civic needs to be replaced by an SUV like an Escalade or a Pilot. And when you’re getting close to retirement, it’s time to give up the keys to the Cherokee for something like a Prius.

A charity car donation to the Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company enables you to share God’s grace and love with the masses without writing a check!

If you downsize, imagine what you can do with your extra time and the money you save on gas. How would you like to commute and only burn up a quarter tank instead of a full one? That extra cash can take care of your family ... or it can go to a great cause. Donating a car to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company through Riteway Charity Services is frosting on the cake – turning an everyday item like your vehicle into a vessel for Jesus.

Were you thinking of doing a dealer trade-in at Anaheim Mitsubishi? Or Toyota of Orange?

You only get 30-40% of your vehicle’s value that way! (Hint: You probably don’t want to do that.)

But, by contrast, when you make a vehicle donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company through Riteway Charity Services, you can write off 100% of the sale price!

The USC School of Business did a study showing some good reasons you do NOT want to trade in your car, mostly because they simply jack up the price of the new one to make up for it!

How can I donate a vehicle to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company?

People Holding supportIt’s as easy as can be! Just call us at 888-250-4490 or contact us online and we send our experts to come to you and pick up your donation car. We arrange it around your schedule.

Whether you’re giving up a MINI Cooper for an F-150 or sending your 10-year-old carpool wheels down the line, we handle all of the details. You’re off the hook! No fixing it up and listing it on AutoTrader...and no meeting up with potential buyers.

We take all the pressure off of you. Have you wanted more time with family, or to pick up some volunteer work? You won’t get sidetracked with finding a buyer if you make a car, truck or SUV donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company through us at Riteway Charity Services.

When it comes to your next set of wheels, have you considered something better for the planet? Luckily, it’s gotten easier to find a charging station in SoCal. U.S. News & World Report shared a list of the cheapest hybrid cars, if you’re watching your bottom line. Some of them are pretty sizable, like the Sonata and the Ioniq. And they’re updating old favorites like the Prius and Optima.

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Can I get a car donation tax deduction when I donate my vehicle to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company?

Since you know that a dealer trade-in is a losing proposition, you want an alternative. Your generous car charity donation to the Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company means that more radio listeners hear the gospel message. Plus, you get a nice tax write-off.

And we give you a chance to maximize that benefit. Our process involves towing your car to our expert technicians, whopexels photo 601798 assess your vehicle for necessary alterations, typically raising the sale price by about 25-50%.

After selling your auto donation, we send you the papers for your record-keeping. And, assuming you’re not a big fan of record-keeping, DMV visits and paperwork, we’ve got more good news. We handle it all, even the title transfer! Do you sometimes get panicked when your CPA calls to ask about all of your write-offs? Here’s an easy one, which an accountant can appreciate. And if you don’t go the CPA route, the Turbo Tax site has a page explaining how to input your car donation.

Riteway Charity Services sends you and the foundation the IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale, so you get the tax deduction for the total. 

If you’d like to see more of the advantages to donating a vehicle to the Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company, visit the website of this Orange County CPA firm to see the opinions of industry professionals. 

Can I donate a boat to the Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company? What about an RV or a motorcycle?

Is your ski boat barely pulling you around the lake? Or has it been a long time since you and your grandson took the poles out to fish? A boat donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company enables the value of your watercraft to benefit their work.

Do you love the outdoors, especially with the wind in your hair? If you’re in a motorcycle club, or you like to go to the Best Biking Roads website to try new routes, from Box Canyon to the Lyons Valley Loop, how’s your Suzuki holding up? When you and your friends consider an upgrade, let us know. A motorcycle donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company is a great idea for the whole gang!

Or maybe your idea of outdoor fun is on a golf course. Do you have your own cart, or use one for transport around your neighborhood? We can process a golf cart donation to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company if you’d like.

You’re so generous, and you care about where your fellow L.A. residents spend eternity! It’s amazing how many people can be reached on the airwaves...and you can play a role in it! From an Orange County studio, the professionals at KGBC reach the ears of so many. Just remember that you can donate a car to Korean Gospel Broadcasting Company with just a quick call to Riteway Charity Services.

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