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Car Donation to Susan G. Komen

Courage. That’s what individuals who have battled breast cancer have in common. Former First Lady Betty Ford. Shirley Temple Black. Sheryl Crow. Olivia Newton-John. Chances are it’s touched your life as well.

Have you ever felt like supporting women in the process, but didn’t know how? A car donation to Susan G. Komen pumps money right into the program, putting it in the able hands of a non-profit doing groundbreaking research, community health outreach and advocacy in more than 60 countries.

Why donate your car to Susan G. Komen?

The mission of this amazing 501(c)(3) is “a world without breast cancer.”


It started with Nancy Brinker in 1980, who promised her sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything she could to eliminate breast cancer. “Suzy” had been diagnosed at age 33 and her family knew so little about the disease, it didn’t serve her well. Speeding up research and better treatment of patients were big concerns for Suzy, while the vast numbers of surgeries and chemo treatments took a toll on her body.

Throughout Susan’s 3-year battle with cancer, she wanted to improve the lives of future patients. Which is where you come in. An auto donation to Susan G. Komen can create a turning point … where victims of cancer are cared for and lives are saved.

The people at this organization are no shrinking violets. They set their sights high. The non-profit’s goal is to cut breast cancer deaths in half by the year 2026.

Want to join them? To increase the chance that a breast cancer diagnosis that occurs in your family can be cured? A vehicle donation to Susan G. Komen can do that.

Why pass up this opportunity? You can, literally, partner with the non-profit to finance one more woman’s mastectomy, or prevent cancer with a young co-ed’s screening.

How can I donate my car to Susan G. Komen?

We all want cancer treatment to be easier. In that same spirit, we at Riteway Car Donations make the auto donation process quick, simple and free. A 3-5 minute phone call and your car becomes a channel of comfort for an individual or a family struggling to handle the pain caused by cancer.

You simply call us at 888-250-4490 or make your donation online. We waste no time sending out our towing professionals. After all, a cure for cancer cannot come fast enough.

Sure, you’re not like Susan G. Komen sponsors Petsmart or American Airlines, but that’s not what matters. C’mon, this global movement began with $200 and a shoebox!

Have you ever done the 60-mile Komen 3-Day Walk in San Diego? Or created a personalized fundraising page for the organization?

Those are ways to get involved, but a charity car donation to Susan G. Komen is a WHOLE LOT easier!

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Is a Susan G. Komen car donation a tax write-off?

Your generosity is rewarded in many ways. You feel good about pitching in, any way you can. Plus, you want to move the ball downfield, closer to the goal—a cure for cancer. But a car charity donation to Susan G. Komen also benefits your bottom line!

That’s right—you’ll be making your CPA happy with the tax break you add to your annual numbers, while fighting for a cause. Want to maximize that tax benefit? A car, truck or SUV donation to Susan G. Komen through Riteway Car Donations is a way to do that. You see, we have a unique process whereby we assess your donation car for necessary alterations, which our research shows, typically raises the sale price by 25-50%. That means the charity gets more money and you get a bigger write-off!

By the way, we take care of all of the paperwork for your Susan G. Komen charity car donation. We sell your car; then we report the actual sale price of the vehicle to you and to SGK, following the guidelines prescribed by the IRS. You both receive IRS Form 1098-C within 30 days of the sale.

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying. If you’ve had a sister, or mother, or friend who battled this destructive disease, you know how powerless you feel. But when you transfer your car or donate an SUV to Susan G. Komen comes in. The more financial support that feeds into the high-profile, global organization, the faster we can win the race with time.

Can I donate an RV to Susan G. Komen?

Absolutely!  If you’re a camper who’s about done with the weekends in the woods, you can make a recreational vehicle donation to Susan G. Komen. Whatever motorized vehicles you have–we pick them up from you and send proceeds to the charity.

Are you tired of fishing and have a boat donation for Susan G. Komen? We can pick up speedboats, Sea Doos, jet skis—just let us know!

Did you go on the poker run Komen benefit put on by Indian Motorcycle of El Cajon? If you want to let the good times roll on a newer Kawasaki, you can make a motorcycle donation to Susan G. Komen through Riteway Car Donations. Or if hanging out on the back nine is more your thing, you can also donate a golf cart to Susan G. Komen to make your move in the battle against cancer.

There’s almost no one in America who hasn’t confronted cancer in some way. When you’re considering a change in vehicles, we can help you play a part in making the lives of cancer victims better. Donate a car to Susan G. Komen. Your vehicle can be a life-giving resource to those who need it most.

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